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Galaxy S2 and Exchange ActiveSync...huge data traffic

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Hi everyone

Anyone else having a huge amount of data traffic when using Exchange ActiveSync on the Galaxy S2?

I've configured my Exchange Account (Hotmail) and did the initial sync over WLAN. The next day, starting from 8 o'clock the device started push mal activity.

Through the day I've just received around 6 e-mails (without attachments). But the E-Mail client on the Galaxy S2 generated 52,83 MB !!! of data traffic from 8 AM to 8 PM. I've monitored this using 3G Watchdog Pro.

This is absolutely unbelievable. Other Android devices with 2.3.3 (HTC Desire HD for example) do not generate such an huge amount of data traffic.

My HD7 with Windows Phone 7 uses around 400 to 500 KB data trough the day while using Push Mail. And also iPhone 4!

The Samsung support told me to factory reset the device. Funny enough... I indeed tried it, without luck.

Is possible to fix this bug?

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