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A few questions

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Hi every one, I am totally new here and also new to the Android world. I am considering buying this entry-level phone as my first experiment for the OS. I have some questions before my decision, so I am hoping to get some ideas from here. Thanks in advance.

1. I previously used Blackberry 8900 but it was stolen, which is not too bad a thing because I couldn't find much apps available for that platform.

What I need most is a Skype app, which cannot be found in the Blackberry world. As I see the Vodafone Smart has a pretty weak CPU I wonder is it capable of running this app well enough? I also have an old ipod touch and its Skype performance is not that good. Sometimes I have to wait seconds to finally answer a call from another Skype friend.

2. How is the battery life? Is it enough for a whole day of use? I mean normal use: one hour's web-browsing, 30 minutes' phone call, 10 text messages, and over 10 hours' standby per day.

3. Does the Wifi tethering of Android 2.2 really work?

4. Is the screen bright enough to be readable outdoor? What I like the Blackberry most is its super-bright screen. I wonder is this little thing anywhere close to the Blackberry.

5. How is the sound quality of music playback? I have an 8GB MicroSD card and I plan to use the phone as my primary player, so that I can get rid of the iPod Touch as well as iTunes.

I am sorry for my English. And I know that's a lot of questions so I want to thank you again for your time.

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1,Skype Works fine thankfully :)

2,The battery lasts about 6 hours on average use

3,Tethering works fine but do remember its only 3.6HSDPA and not 7.2.

4, Its average not the best not the worst.

5. Its a mono handset i believe so not to good but the handset does come with headphones.

Hope this helps :rolleyes:

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