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Copying files OFF MicroSD INTO Honeycomb?

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Hi, all -

We just got an Android tablet running honeycomb (3.0?). I'm wanting to take the audio files off the laptop, via MicroSD, and transfer them onto the physical storage in the tablet. I don't want to leave them on the MicroSD card, but would rather keep that free for transferring between other devices. Is this possible? Can you (via File Manager or something) copy files off the MicroSD card into Honeycomb?


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It would be useful if you could state which tablet this is, whether the device has been rooted (if you dont know what this means then chances are the device isnt), and what those files might be used for (e.g. for ringtones or simply to store on the device).

Chances are that it is certainly possible for you to be able to transfer files onto the tablet, but it may require some preparation.

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