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Samsung Omnia S800 Unlocking HELP PLEASE

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Hi all,

I'm new on here & have just been given a Samsung Omnia S800 by a friend following the death of my Sony Experia X10 Mini :)

The only problem is the phone's locked to Orange (UK) & I'm on O2. I've tried following some of the instructions on here to unlock it but with no luck! I don't know if I'm being thick? (highly likely!)

I've got an old Orange PAYG sim (that's still active) so I put that in the phone & then tried entering the numbers as per instructions on posts on here however when I enter the first part is says 'enter code xxxxxx to set' I enter this code fine but nothing happens? So I continued entering the digits until I get to the part that say OK but I haven't got an option on the keypad for OK?

Please can anyone talk me through it literally step by step (imagine you're talking to a 3 year old! LOL!) I also have looked up the number for Orange UK & there are two options: 234 33 or 234 34. From posts on here I understand that you need a 6th digit & that people recommend that you try all the numbers 0-9 & you've get the right one, which I'm happy to do but I don't know if I'm doing the first bit correctly?

When I put my O2 sim in it came up with network lock code & a keypad......should I be doing it here? I don't want to do anything that will affect my O2 sim though? (I don't care about the Orange sim as I rarely use it)

The other thing is that people are talking about the registry & an IMSI number? I have no idea what this is or how I find it?

Worst case I'll have to take the phone into a shop in town but can't do this until Saturday so really need to sort this out if I can before then as really struggling without my phone!

Any help or advice would be very much appreciate!!! Thanks!!!!

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