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GPS for Omnia i900 in INDIA

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Hello guys,

I am just wondering if anyone is using any GPS software for INDIA....

I am trying to find some software and start making use of the GPS function....Google map doesnt give exact location it is always in a radius of about 700 to 1000 mtrs.

Thanks in advance for any replies/help...

By the way I am happy to pay for the software if it is good enough....

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Google maps is showing your location within a KM because you are using cell tower traingulation. In google maps, open 'menu' , goto setttings, and there you should find 'Use GPS'. make sure there is a green tick besides 'Use GPS'. And somewhere under GPS settings in google maps, use 'Manage by Windows' option.

I think the OMNIA takes a long time to accquire first-ever GPS fix because the first time I bought it, I had to wait for 2-3 days for it to accquire the first-ever GPS fix. After that cold-start first GPS fixes were somewhere within 1 minute.

Some free software you can use 'Leaf GPS Dashboard' , 'GPSed'

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