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Recovering deleted data from a Android phone.

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On 11/7/2011 at 8:30 PM, BorgmanJayce said:


I've installed Titanium Backup but I can't access it now that I can't access my phone properly plus when I tried to upgrade it, the software wouldn't let me.


I've just accessed ClockworkMod right now and the only options available are ones for rebooting the system, applying an update from a SD card, wipe data/factory reset (which I don't want to do if possible) and wipe cache partition.


If it's any help, I got a message subito.it  which states the following on the ClockworkMod screen:


--Updating application...

E:install_application_for_customer:Can't unmount/preload

copy application failed.



-- Appling Multi-CSC...

Installing Multi-CSC

Can't access to '/system/csc/VOD/system/'.

Successfully applied multi-CSC.


<div><br></div><div>EDIT: It turns out the recovery screen I saw was actually the general Android System Recovery screen, not ClockworkMod. I thought that pressing Volume Up+Home+Power would have taken me to ClockworkMod.</div>

What the problem ?

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3 hours ago, Lieber said:

If you deleted files have been overwriiten by new data, you can't get them back though with recovery tools.

Yes, most of the time that's the case. Happened to my memory card as well. 

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