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I recently bought the Viewpad7 and I'm in full exploration phase of this great little device...

Already fully rooted, lot's off apps installed and testing...

But I have a problem...

When testing the multitouch, I notice that the implementation is not ok...

Following app on android market was used, and the picture "Not Good" describes what i have.


I can touch left top & right bottom and the detection is OK, but when I touch left bottom & top right, the detection fails just like the "Not Good" picture...

Further it seems the 2 points can not cross each others axis, the motion simply reverses resulting in the "Not Good" picture.

Is this a generic Viewpad7 problem, or does only my Viewpad suffer from this?


Uploaded some vids showing the problem, galery should be quick and easy for anyone to reproduce



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85 views and no replies?

Please just do this simple test for me with the program I mentioned?

Want to know if I need to get my Viewpad repaired or not...

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It's not really "Multitouch" - better name it "Dualtouch".

More devices have this "bug" - which is related to cheap hardware.

Some developers already tried to fix this issue with a modified touchscreen driver compiled into a custom kernel (on Acer Liquid S100) but it will be never "real Multitouch".

Acer Liquid S100,

and many others.

As long as you won't play with the device you will not take notice of this issue.

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