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Nexus one half broken - can anyone help?

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I have a strange problem with my Nexus One.

I have had my Nexus One since release and have had no issues until now. I had Pauls Gingerbread rom installed and working fine for a few months.

The other day I turned it off and when I turned it on again, it came up with the initial X screen with the padlock, but then the screen goes blank. It continues to boot with the screen off. (you can press the power button and the lights still come on)

The only way I can make it work now is restoring a nand backup, but I only have one with froyo. I have amonra recovery 1.7.

With the nand restore it boots fine, but with any rom flashed by recovery I get the same issue, where the screen blanks before the bootanimation.

It seems more a software issue than a hardware issue, but I cannot work out the next course of action.

Any ideas?

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bah just tried installing a newer recovery and now when I boot to recovery I also get a blank screen. I can still boot to froyo, and have access to adb, but thats pretty much it.

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