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So 3.2 is in the wild

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Just seen on Techradar that Xoom owners are already getting access to 3.2.. When accross the world 3.1 lagged behind in some markets over others.. Seems odd, but that is how uipdates go I guess!

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I for my 3.2 last Friday (US WiFi Xoom).

I think the difference is down to who releases the updates. The US WiFi Xoom is the only Google Experience device and as such Google must release the updates. For the other models, round the world, Motorola are responsible for updates. A lot of the contents of 3.1 that Motorola released around the globe already had a lot of the fixes that we are seeing in the 3.2 Google update. Its confusing as hell but if you have the 3.1 Motorola update it can be deemed that you actually got a lot of the fixes before the Google Experience devices (well done Motorola on this). A release of 3.2 won't be as big an upgrade as you think. The difference being is how long will it take for Motorola to start to slack on the updates whilst Google continue to support their device much longer.

As for 3.2, it didn't really bring me anything fabulous. Yes we have SD card access now, but it is just read only (unless rootd). I must say I think the browser and general OS does seem much more stable now but really that should have been the case with 3.0. I don't think your missing much, but agree, it would be nice if software on the 'same' devices is kept consistent for everyone's sake.

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I find it utterly strange that one company, one device (well 2, with wifi and 3g models) take so long to release firmware updates across the globe. Admittedly if Google are responsible in the US, then Moto should at least have access to the firmware for UK and Europe. They are after all Googorola !

Anyway, I got my Xoom last week from a well known source ... and I'm really happy with it. UK 3G Xoom. I spent a while playing with the device, before rooting it, and then trying to add USB host mode ... semi-bricked it ... recovered it ... then installed a new kernel and rom with 3.2. It's much better, Ive got 3.2 features. USB host mode, root access. and it's stable too :)

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