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Froyo for stream region issue

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Hey. I have an acer stream that has 2.1 in it and have been wanting to upgrade to 2.2. But I've ran across a problem that prevents me from upgrading. The official firmwares released by acer themselves is available for GEN1/2 reigons. But my phone's firmware is like a CUS1 region. In order to upgrade to 2.2 my current firmware needs to be a GEN1/2 android 2.1 firmware. the software stops me from doing so. I did a lot of research here and there, and I came across this acer update tool that is used for the other older acer phone models. It doesnt check the regions. I could try that but im not sure if that would work? seeing that it wasn't meant for the stream. But correct me if I am wrong. Can that acer tool on the stream to upgrade to the official 2.2?

Alternatively, I'm also up for applying a custom rom on my acer phone if nothing else. I just don't really know any custom roms that are available for the acer stream. Could you people here help me out on that as well please?

Thanks, and I'd really appreciate some feedback. rolleyes.gif

EDIT: Nevermind. Found a solution by myself.

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