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acer download tool [RD] v 1.272 TIME OUT?

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Hi i tryed to flash my acer liquid metal and when the program has to read hex file it shows a pop up "time out writing"

How i can resolve this problem?

>> No Flashing dinfo.bin.

>> .bin Class is : A4

>> Read MgFl Header Ok!!

>> AMSS FileFlag : 93

>> OS FileFlag : 399

>> Please do Not remove USB cable, unless the program indicates you can do it.

>> Ph's AMSS: A4-01.16.01

>> Ph's OS: Acer_LiquidMetal_1.100.16_EMEA-GEN1

>> Phone Class : A4

>> A4 No NvBackup.

>> Cmd [OS => AMSS]

>> Wait UsbEvent [OS => AMSS]

>> AMSS Port Found!! : COM14

>> Hex file Start


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