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What about 1.4GHz?

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dual core would be nice, but only as long as price isn't to high

otherwise i would stick to a fast singlecore

but one question why a snapdragon dualcore? afaik it's the slowest dualcore tegra2 or the samsung dual cores (probably omap gen4 too) are much better.

are the snapdraggon so much cheaper?

important is a good mixture of hardware components and good support for the software by releasing kernel sources for custom roms

like the blade that is only good because of the mixture of lowendcpu but enough ram, hires screen, custom roms and good price

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Think big !

The new nvidia tegra quad core cpu :)

Demonstration here :

that "salesman" needs to be shot. worst promo ever!

if i was at that conference i would have to interrupt and say "look, dude, all you need to say is that the tablet with your chip in is outperforming any pc graphics card and is playing better than bluray resolution video". forget about the first-to-market and all that s***.

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