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Advent Vega detailed strip-down explanation with pictures

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Hi everyone,

I have been doing some internal modifications to my Vega so I thought I would do a detailed strip-down explanation with pictures, so here it is.

I realise others have done this before but sometime ago and the pictures have gone now.

First thing I suppose I should say that opening your Vega will invalidate any warranty you have left and I am not responsible for any damage you do following this guide


(On the back of the Vega)

Using a small screwdriver or a pin, remove the 4 rubber caps at the corners of the device. With the caps removed you can use a small Philips screwdriver to remove the 4 screws.



(Still on the back of the Vega)

You now need to unclip the back off the Vega using the edge of a credit card or something else soft and plastic. Place the edge of the card in the gap between the rear case and side case (you only need to put it in about 2-3mm) and slide the card around the device, as you slide the card around the edge of device the back with pop off and can be removed.




Unplug the battery from the main board as soon as you take the back off so prevent damage.



The battery is stuck to the device using double sided tape. Use a flat screwdriver to lever the battery off the Vega from the centre off the device so you don’t apply too much pressure to the centre of the LCD. If put the device somewhere warn for an hour before you remove it and the tape will soften up and the battery will come off easier.




Unplug every thing off the main board.

Start with the LCD ribbon. Just pull it gently and it comes out easy.


unplug the control daughter board ribbon. Push the brown clip back with a small screwdriver as pictured below. Once the clip is pushed back the ribbon can be pulled out of the connector. The ribbon is stuck to the metal part of the Vega that it is lying on, it can easily be peeled off.


unplug the Digitiser. There is an insulating sticker over the connector, peel back the sticker and use a small screwdriver to push the clip back. Once the clip is pushed back the ribbon can be pulled out of the connector.


Unplug the Speakers, Microphone, Camera and wifi antenna.



Remove the four screws that hold the main-board and the two screws that hold the HDMI board.



Now remove the main-board and the attached daughter board (There is a small piece of tape holding a speaker wire onto the daughter board, you will need to remove it before taking the main-board out).



Now remove the control board and the attached ribbon (2 screws),

the speakers (lightly glued in place, just pull them and they will come out),

the microphone and the camera (just pull out),



With most thing now removed from the case you can now remove the metal plate that holds everything in place (held in place by 11 screws)




You now have just the Digitiser, LCD and Wifi antenna left in the case.


The Wifi antenna seams to be glued into the case and is very thin and flimsy so I didn’t bother trying to remove It and unnecessarily risk damaging it but I have photographed the sticker underneath it, I assume this is a part number (slightly obscured in the picture but the number is 62R-P10AN9-0202)


The LCD panel is glued in place with what looks like a thin strip of clear double sided tape. I started carefully prying the panel from the back at the corner, it stared coming off but the panel is quite flexible and as mine is working so I bottled it and left it in place. There is only the digitiser under the panel and model number is on the ribbon





Again, if you warmed up the panel (say in an airing cupboard or near a radiator) it would softened the tape and make for removal easier.


Split like a chocolate Orange.


That’s it, quite simple to disassemble really. To reassembly just do it backwards.

I have taken

Tegra 2


Top of P10AN01 M6 v1.1 Main-board with attached HDMI daughter-board


Bottom of Main-board


Main-board model number ect.

P10AN01 MB V1

94V-0 E326167





Camera board


Speaker and connector


Miscellaneous stickers the inside Vega





All images Uploaded with ImageShack.us

If you have read this far well done! Hope this is helpful to someone.

Good luck

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Hey man, thanks for this photos. I need your help. I bricked the charging jack on the mainboard, i dropped the tablet on the jack while charging. The impact made the charging jack cut out of the main board. At that moment i supose the jack also cutted out a resistor. I soldered the resistor back (is the resistor just near the charging jack on the mainboard (8 pin) ). The jack is gone , is bricked. I suposed i could solder 2 wires and charge the tablet this way. I tried that way but no blue led was lighning and at that time. When i soldered the charging wires on the mainboard, if the tablet was powered off, after 3 secs it's starts and if it was started already nothing happens... Please help. I need your help please to fix this hardware problem. Thanks

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