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A few questions about OTA update

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Thanks for reading this post and the help you offered.

I currently using the official Froyo .49 ROM.

Since the official Gingerbread update will be soon, I have some questions about OTA update. :D

Firstly, I have edited the system file "build.prop". I edited some attributes about the device model, name and manufacturer etc. in order to run some Gameloft games.

Of course I have made a backup, but I just want to know could I receive OTA update with the edited build.prop?

P.S. I could still check for OTA update now.

Secondly, I have integrated some updated system applications into ROM using Titanium Backup in order to save storage spaces.

If I received OTA update, would those system applications that were include in the update be replaced?

Or would they be installed as normal updates and take up such a large storage space?

Thirdly, if the storage space left was not enough for the new applications in the update (no matter new applications or those mentioned above), how would the update performed?

Sorry for my English. :P

Gingerbread rocks!

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