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HTC Desire Official 2.3 RUU rooted and S-OFF

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Hey guys I just wanted to let you all know that thanks to Unrevoked and Alpharev, Revolutionary have S-OFF'd and rooted the Official 2.3 RUU.

Go here.. www.revolutionary.io and follow the steps. when you select hboot version (unless its updated) just select .93 Hboot and they will give you a beta key and it all be done in less then 5 mins.

I garuntee it works and I am now using Oxygen 2.2.1

Thanks Revolutionary Team Great work

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I tried to root my 2.2.2 Desire using unrevoked, only to get the 'your software is too new' (I thought it was only 2.3 that couldn't use this). Before I use the Revolutionary method is there any housekeeping I should perform due to the failed root attempt? I uninstalled zysploit which I believe unrevoked created. Is it preferable I do a factory reset (this is no big deal as the phone was recently reset anyway)? Many thanks.

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