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Beginner wanting to root and install custom rom

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I have recently upgraded from the zte blade to this acer liquid mt phone. However, im having trouble finding a full guide of how to root in this forum (the zte blade forum has a beginners guide pinned at the top so I would recommend this).

I have installed all the drivers I need on my computer. I also have the Acer Download Tool. Can I just flash a new rom with this or do I need to root first? Does flashing a new rom automatically root the phone?

I am familiar with Clockworks Mod from the zte blade but I havent seen it mentioned on here. Can I use Clockworks Mod on this phone? Could I also install roms from Clockworks if I want to or does it have to be on the Acer Download Tool?


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install recovery and flash su-

this has to be done every time, you install a new official rom/leak.

our custom roms here are rooted

have fun :)

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