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Huawei and UK

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Article in the Register indicates that Huawei want to get themselves known as a mobile phone company and not rely on being a supplier to the networks of network branded models.


unfortunately the "£100 Blaze" mentioned seems to be similar in spec to the Pulse (600MHz 7227 CPU) ... though it does have Android 2.3. So may mean that they are targetting the "low-mid range" where the X5 is a bit above that

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More on this story here


Appears that they're doing an "exclusive" deal with Phones4U .... I suppose it will ensure that their ame will get exposure as it will be a Huawei phone that p4u as selling but in many ways this seems not much different from having an IEM deal with a network.

At least the Vision looks more interesting than the Blaze that was in the previous article ... and the processor is a minor step up from the U8800 (noth 2nd gen snapdragon but 1GHz vs 800MHz)

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