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Modaco Gr3 Custom ROM feedback

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Right, been an sgs2 owner since it first came out. At first, as with most people, I was blown away by it's shear fluidity, cos, lets face it, as good as android is, it was just never quite as fluid an OS as iOS, but finally an android phone that matches it for fluidity and with all the usual android goodness.

That said however, it soon became apparent that, as an everyday phone it was somewhat lacking in some vital area's, at least for me anyway. Some will undoubtedly say that theirs have been fine all along or they have not suffered with some of the things I and many others have suffered with, but specifically for me, battery life too bad to last a day with minimal use, 3G-H-H+ switching hang up, and poor GPS performance was enough to make me return my original one and go elsewhere for a bit.

To cut a long story short, I have been finding it difficult of late to settle on any newish (dual core) android phone for one reason or another leading me to think that the sgs2 is not on its own with the teething problems all these new dual core's are having, and as a result have bought another. Whether it's to do with more up to date rom's, or to do with the fact that some units just seem to work right and others don't I don't know, but my experience with this one has been much better.

Now to Paul's ROM. I've tried many ROM's in a quest for one that is reliable, at least as fast/fluid as stock, optimised for good battery life, and de-bloated as much as possible without leaving bits not working correctly or just plain broken. And none have so far met those requirements better than cooking a ROM from Paul's kitchen to my requirements. I can whole-heartedly recommend this ROM as a good daily driver over anything that i've tried mainly off XDA. A lot of stuff over there just seems half baked (no pun intended).

The fact that it's customisable to start with is an obvious boon, system UI mods are tasteful and if your a lover of the stock android look mixed with the colour improvemnts of samsung it's all good. Battery life is excellent, and in XXKF1 form, the protocol switching issue seems solved, and GPS performance is, well, adequate, so, at last, a ROM that behaves the way it should have done in the first place.

A job well done Paul, pat yourself on the back, and many thanks.

Edit: liking the cool blue colour in recovery btw :)

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