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Froyo beta1 bundle won't recognize STORAGE &SDCARD?!

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Goodmorning at all, guys.

Today i've installed the 'froyo beta1 bundle' on my b7610. Everything works but, not recognize my Storage and the Storage card!!

I've make several installation (with SD mount, without it,) but nothing happen!

Help me please!! And excuse me for my bad english....

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Is'nt your answer aready in the forums? Check the topic list of 'B7610 Android ROM discussion', (link is right below here)

You will find a topic called something like SD card problem on B7610 solved.

If you don't succeed, please notify. Try to collect error messages or screenshots or something.

Edited by erikcas

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Hy Erikcas.

The updates about the SD support don't works in my case.... I talk about the bundle autoinstallation, my device wont recognize SDcard and my storage. I've tried all the update but... nothing to do.... :-( I tried all the updates for this problem but nobody has solved it.

The problem is not only the SDcard, but also "Internal Storage" ...

Dont find any other people with my same problem... sorry for my aproxymate english...

Edited by frenkie999999999

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