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The handset is slightly smaller than i expected, the screen is bright and enjoyable especially when playing games. my version of the phone/pda is not locked for development.

the email functions on the handset are detailed yet easy to get to grips with using the following outlets for email

smpt,pop3 and imap4 plus attachment viewer for word and lotus documents.

the handwriting rec is glitchy and takes a while to get used to pda users will have no problems.

i was very interested to play with the camera, i have to say it does play well, the pixels are great so is the viewer for the pictures. you may alsoi set these as backgrounds and send them out.

the p800 seems to support the 3g network transition. there are some settings which are unusable i assume this will come in some form of upgrade later in the year.

the games are 3d men in black is doom like yet very annoying as i find it slow and glitchy. the f1 game is great!! the alien game is ok nothing much different to men in black in some respects.

the video streaming is good and with the memory capabilities watching movies in full screen will be no problem.

i will answer any further question on the handset, as im at work andcant write anymore now,lol


nec e606

is the v50 yet twice the size, the screen is fantastic, not as clear as you'd expect, however the functions are endless the video calls are incredible but dont expect them to work in many places for the first few months.

the games are above average but stick to the spv if thats all you want.

dual camera is very helpful, the pad is very spaced for the size. helping for ease of use...

more to come later :)

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