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Sound problem, no not "low incall volume" :)

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Hey Guys,

been lurking on here for a while, mainly installing trip and wolf's roms. Love em and thank you both and everyone else for their hard work testing all the roms. I must admit it was quite fun getting a new rom from trip every day :D

I have a more general question that has to do with the phone I believe as this has happened with every rom recently(Trip and Wolf's both)....so I don't think its a rom prob....

The sound output(such as music, phone ringtone,sms ringtone...etc) gets directed to the earpiece speaker (ie the one where u listen to ppl when u have the phone to your head...like not a set of headphones i mean) and then its really low and I can't hear it ringing in my pocket

Its weird because it appears to be random occurrences. I can reset the phone and the sound will be loud and coming through the correct speaker on the side(i can put my finger over it and it gets muffled) ...then all of a sudden, maybe later in the day ill look and see 4 missed calls and test the sound and it'll be coming through the earpiece all of a sudden....I know because I hold the phone out in front of me...sound is low...i put the phone to my ear like im making a call and the music playing is really loud.

I have accepted this could be a hardware problem but like something is making me think its software...i dunno

it'll go good for a few days even(usually after a new rom install)....then all of a sudden once my guard is down i miss a bunch of calls in a day OR my alarm wont wake me up cuz its so low all of a sudden

I thought it was solved with one of the new roms....but I think that's only because I was installing a new one everyday and it never had a chance to get past the "few day" point on the new rom.... until i installed 1.8.19 which I haven't changed all week cuz its great! hehe

Gonna try 1.8.26 tonight

I have no problem opening up the fone and replacing the speaker, I've already replaced the LCD and digitizer, I just dont want to do any unnecessary surgery is all...

Any suggestions?



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Are you using soundhound or other music apps?? If so try freezing or temporarily deleting it.

Heard about similar issues but have not had them to honestly say it is it.

Best regards,


Sent from my X10 TripNMiUI-1.8.26 using Tapatalk

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply I did have soundhound installed, deleted and have reset.sound is good :) will install 1.8.26 without soundhound and see how it holds up.

Thanks again!

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