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Black Saint

LG T310i WiFi

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I buy a new LG T310i WiFi phone from MTEL , and cant use my SIM from other operator. Does anybody know for any software to unlock sim. Thanks in advantage...

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No free software will do this effectively, as you need custom unlocking codes based on your IMIE...

http://www.mobiunlockers.com/ <--- just as an example: Please note that it can take up to 2 days to receive the codes from online sales.

Or you can always take it into a MTEL sales center and tell them you want it unlocked (generally they will charge for this... anywhere up to $100, I find buying codes online way better they usauly cap at $20)

Edit: If you bought the phone outright they should unlock it for free, if it was a pre-paid a fee will apply.

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