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Heavy bricked Streak

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Hi folks,

I have a little problem:

tried to update from Steve´s 1.9 to Ginger, works fine but with probs on WiFi.

Installed the baseband & DSP in 1 cmd-session, trying to reboot. Nothing after 15mins (black screen, all 3 LEDs on).

Since this, I cannot boot into clockwork or into fastboot. Nothing.

In the docking station: Nothing. No text, no LEDs.

Every help would be nice. Googled for some hours. (Win7x64, EU GER-Baseband, normally)

Posted also in xda, sry 4 double-post...

Tryed the QDFTool, streakflash, the promlem is: how to install the qualmcomm drivers?

My japanese is not so good ;)

atm I´ve installed the Android Bootloader Interface, the other 2 drivers: (ADB say´s: no devive)

no way to fastboot, when I turn the device nomally on, I´ve a black screen with the 3 LEDs on, but the PC recognice partially the Streak.

THx 4 help

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Please use STREAKFLASH and then QDL TOOL. You will not see anything after streakflash, screen will still remain black but don't worry and run QDL on top of it. The instructions are not in Japanese but in english and there used to be tutorial video too. You will be fine so, don't worry. Read the instruction once, watch video and follow them again one by one. Drivers are there in the QDL Tool folder.

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