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Is getting a 53 worth the hassle

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None left on the eBay Ebuyer site (though Misco still have some there - model unknown though), but I now notice that the Ebuyer website itself now has 3 listings for it - one an 'open box' @ £138 (dissatisfied customer return no doubt), one the 1633 model (according to a customer report via Facebook) @ £145 and a third @ £180 (what's the bet it's a 1653?)!! Quite a price hike and not one I can really afford :( Guess they've realised it's the only way to stop the returns and make money on this one, damn!

Ordered mine from Misco today £159.98nad £3.99 P+P (Lite 3 Day option) = £163.97 and Quidco offer 4% cashback (£5.33 based on price on Hannspad without VAT) Effecttively £158.64 and "guaraunteed to be a 53" also had confirmation it will be delivered tomorrow despite choosing 3 business day option :)

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