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HTC HD7 won't start after failed update (Step 9 of 10) , Phone is Dead

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I tried updating my phone and it got stuck on step 9 which was the reboot process. and the screen was just white with the HTC logo.

It was stuck on this step for a good 3 hours so i assumed something was wrong. I cancelled the update and unplugged the phone from the computer and it was stuck on the HTC screen still so i took out the battery.

And when i put the battery back in and tried turning it on it wouldn't turn on. And so now it my phone won't even turn on! I'm very frustrated. I thought at first it was dead but when i plugged it in the charger the charging light won't even come on. Tried Wall Charger and Computer

Please someone help! I need a solution

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Have you tried uing the backup in Zune?

Not something I have tried personally but from memory you should be able to do this.

Here is some info from MS which may help


Otherwise you could make a warranty claim as the phone is less than a year old.

I presume it was a normal update and you had not unlocked for development or any other unlock purpose?

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