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please help me. .!

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Evening all,

I like to think I can get my head around most things as I used to have a HTC desire before I lost it, and happily rooted and flashed various roms.

I'm really stuck with my Liquid Metal.

It came with Android 2.2.2 installed on it.

So far I have

- Rooted it with SuperOneClick

- Installed Acer drivers

- Downloaded RecoveryMT-2.2 and run the batch file - says everything is ok.

However I cannot get into the recovery menu - I've tried all the key presses, and usually the phone boots as normal, sometimes I get a looping Acer logo.

Can anyone offer any advice, please??

Just assume i'm extremely dumb, and don't take for granted stating the obvious (as I'm clearly missing something obvious. . !)

Thanks! :)

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Use that recovery for 2.2.x ;)

You legend, thank you.

Been searching these forums all day, and not one post / guide made that point clear or obvious :)

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