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Liquid A1 wont turn on

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I have a problem, the liquid ran out of battery and now will not turn on. when I connect the charger shows no sign of charging, only have a screen backlight. I have tried to access the recovery and nothing. any suggestions?

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try leaving in connected to the charger for about 30 minutes before trying to turn it on, for some reason charging while the phone is off is really slow

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guys pls help me,i was using liquid next 1.9.2 rom when i flashed the official 2.2 rom with acer download tool.Now my cell works with every button combo but it only vibrates and does not show any on-screen responses frown.gif

I tried and flashed 2 or 3 different bins for my device but each time i boot my phone, it keeps on vibrating and all the three notification led's blink at the same time

Plaese Help A.S.A.P

>> No Flashing dinfo.bin.

>> .bin Class is : A1

>> Read MgFl Header Ok!!

>> AMSS FileFlag : 63

>> OS FileFlag : 95

>> Please do Not remove USB cable, unless the program indicates you can do it.

>> Download Process Started at AMSS mode.

>> Hex file Start

>> Hex file Succ !!

>> AMSS Start

>> AMSS Succ !!

>> Cmd [AMSS => Fastboot]

>> Wait UsbEvent [AMSS => Fastboot]

>> No UsbEvent [AMSS => Fastboot], Now quit process...

>> Process finished. [Not Succ]

>> Process Result : Download Process was failed...

>> Process finished, USB cable can be removed now.

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