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[Problem] Have i bricked my Zte V9?

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Hi. I have a big problem.

I was trying to update my android to 2.2 but when he was downloading new rom to the tablet, the tablet shutdown and now he is not powering on.

Im trying to power with the + and - keys without battery but he did not respond. The red led indicator on the front is not working.

Seems to be totally dead.

I`ve bricked my tablet?

How i can fix this?

The Sales MultiDl log says this:

2011.9.17 20:46:52°™°™enter security mode...

2011.9.17 20:46:52°™°™Download partition.mbn...

2011.9.17 20:46:52°™°™Download qcsblhd_cfgdataPath.mbn File...

2011.9.17 20:46:52°™°™Enter Secondbootloaderheader mode failed!

2011.9.17 20:46:52°™°™Download fail, please check the log file to get fail information!

If someone can help me...

Sorry for my bad english.....


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