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Hello All.

Just to say I love my Phone and can’t fault it [flash aside]

This is a warning to all you people who buy, or are considering buying one through Tesco’s Direct … DONT!

My Commtiva has developed a fault. The mini ‘usb’ port is pushed right inside. Now after nine months of continuous use I thought Hummm?

So anyhow I thought well it’s still under warranty. I’ll send it back to get it repaired.

So Sat the 17th I phone up Tesco’s Direct help line. 0845: It’s a Phone so I went through to that department. He asked for my ‘Postcode’, ‘Phone Number’. ‘Name and Address???’ : Only, then did he ask … When it was I bought, what type of phone it was, purchase reference numbers on my proof of purchase, etc … etc … etc:

OK: He says: Its booked in. We’ll send you a prepaid envelope. Just sent it back for repair. Click [good service]

TODAY. Not so good.

At four o’clock I get a call from Tesco’s Direct.

On the Phone that doesn’t work? … I’ve move the ‘sim’ to an old phone.

Anyhow the Tesco’s Direct ‘bod’ says my Commtiva isn’t a Phone … It’s a TAB [tablet] and as such. I need to call a different number??? … And we can’t book it in …OK???

So I call the Computer and DVD help-line. ‘Postcode’, ‘House Number’, ‘Surname???’ … What can I do for you Sir! ~ I’ve got a Commtiva the usb port has come adrift. And it’s still under warranty.

Oh No! … That’s misuse, or user error! It's a chargable job.

No: I say, Its fair wear and tear! And its still under warranty. [silence] OK: He says … I’ll book it in, Please hold [click] … Four minutes later. I timed it! And he checked the line several times. Anyhow he comes back to me. And says:-

The Commtiva has to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. Here’s the email address:

[email protected] --- [click!] : I’m ‘gob-smacked’ : In this day and age I find this sort of service terrible and completely unacceptable. I wont be buying from Tesco’s Direct again.

BTW: The sale of goods act doesn’t cover products bought on line, and if they won’t accept the product back for testing then the fault or cause of the fault can’t be located. Or provechargeabled. The fact that its not a Phone and considered as a Computer muddies the waters even further.

I’m taking it to a local phone repair man tomorrow to see if he can fix it.

I won’t be buying from Tesco’s Direct ever again!


If you buy a Commtiva from companies like Tesco’s Direct your on your own.

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Hello all, an Update:

My local Phone repair centre can't fix my TAB.

It seems that the usb connector has come adrift from the board (apparently)

And I'm gonna have to find and electronics engineer to fix it.

I'm currently back on my windows 'iPhone' rip off from China. It works, but it's so grim after using Android.

I want my TAB back.


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