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Services not reliably running (inc Titanium Media Sync)

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HI there,

I'm currently using Modaco Gr5 stock kitchen build on my GSii, and I've noticed that Titanium Media Sync (TMS) doesn't start syncing when I plug it in.

I've been using TMS on my HTC Hero since it came out, to sync my photos to Dropbox whenever I charge my phone.

As soon as I would plug my Hero in to charge, the TMS icon would immediately appear, and syncing would begin.

However, on the Samsung Galaxy S ii, this doesn't happen.

I have to open the TMS app (either before or after plugging it in), for the sync to start.

I've un-installed and reinstalled TMS to no avail.

Does anyone else have any problems with background services ceasing? Or is this something I should take up with the TMS developer?

(Note that TMS all-too-often pops up an "unable to verify license" message, which just requires me to click on a giant Market Icon and have the license re-verified. It's a legit copy, so it just verifies it and apologises for asking me).

Any help or advice is appreciated.


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