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Unlocking the SIM

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Since there is no way to unlock the phone atm, we could concentrate on unlocking the SIM. There are several SIM addon-chips to unlock them. I have ordered the Universal Super X-SIM IV and will report here as soon as I get it (they say 6-7 days) whether it works or not.

What do you plan to do in the meantime? Stay with Orange, SFR, BASE,...?

Which way did you unlock your SIM? What were your experiences with it?

Does it work with your ZTE Skate? Does everything still work as it should?

Let's discuss it here.

[edit]Just saw, there already is a thread discussing Turbo-SIMs[/edit]

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I'm also waiting for an X-Sim II, hoping this will unlock so I can use GiffGaff, if not will suck it up and stay on Orange for 3 months - 1 down 2 to go :angry:

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