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Rooting with UniversalAndroot v1.6.1

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I've recently bought a ZTE V9 Light and I would like to install Android 2.2. I have tried to root the phone with z4root so I can install RecoveryManager_v0.37b.zip but it hasn't seemed to work, the Recovery Manager 'Forces Close'. I am 100% sure that I had installed z4root as on trying to install it again via adb it told be that it was already installed and I also removed it with APK Manager.

As I have rooted my ZTE San Francisco, in January and I have forgotten exactly how I did it, I was thinking of using UniversalAndroot v1.6.1 as I think that this is what I use for the OS, but i Am a bit put off with the warning that is given on opening the link to Universal Androot. Could anyone tell me if thay have had problems with it? Thnaks.

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Has no-one tried UniversalAndroot with the V9? It would be nice to know.

Didn't work for me I used z4root and it worked perfectly.

Check by installing something that requires root access like Samba.

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