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[Guide] Making CM utilise both /cache and /data for Dalvik-Cache

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If like me you just made a massive /cache partition and want to utilise it, this worked for me.

- Download Cyanogenmod. Extract the zip.

- In the system folder should be build.prop.

- Open this in a Linux friendly editor (Notepad++). REMOVE the following line:


- Save the file and re-zip the folder.

- Boot ClockworkMod, before installing CM make sure you mount /cache (this seems to be required to pass a check CM does at install-time).


Make sure you have a decent size cache if your doing to do this. If you download big apps off Market I'd say 256MB should be enough.

I also do not know any positive or negative effects of doing this. I purely did it "to see if I can".

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i did this from cwm adb

mv /data/dalvik-cache /cache/dc

ln -s /cache/dc /data/dalvik-cache

My dc was 190mb with around 400 apps installed. Now I have 700mb free for moar apps MOUHAHAHAHA

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