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Headset icon permanent

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Hi all,

Hope some one can help me with my Dad's problem,

My dad does have a DHD, and now the headset icon is permanent on, doensn't matter which rom I flash (he is now back to a stock rom). So he can't call anyone without a headset.

Does anyone how I can a widget to disable the audio port, of if the widget isn't possible how I can remove the complete support of the audio port.

Hope someone can help my dad!



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Sounds like a hardware problem to me.

As you plug in a headset, the physical action of the plug going in the socket causes a contact to be made, the contact switches from speaker to headset.

Once you remove the plug, the opposite should happen. It looks like yours isn't switching back to speaker.

I'd get in touch with HTC and get them to fix it, there's a 24 month warranty for all HTC phones.

If you do send it off, take many pictures of it first, my brother sent his off with water damage, when it came back it worked but looked like it had been disassembled by a 6 year old with a knife and fork and needed to be replaced.

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It is al hardware problem for sure, but it should be possible to remove the headset support right?

We already send it to HTC but they refuse to repair it because the sticker for water damage was changed from color (so thats probably the reason that it is defect)

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