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Why does ZTE give Softbank ARMV7 android's (and 2 of them) but we get the Skate.

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http://mb.softbank.jp/mb/smartphone/product/009z/ (The 09 is not on the English site yet ....)



Both are armv7 ...

(Is what was Sean Jacko said still true ? (Something to the effect of) that there won't be any none armv6 zte phones in Europe before Q1 2012)

These are what the Skate should have been.

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"Why why why"... what does it matter? We're spoilt enough as it is. Some people in the world have nothing, not even clothes or water. Focus on what you have got, instead of looking upon what others have, with envy.

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probably as japanese phones are a generation ahead of european ones (certainly american ones) so they expect more.

the 9z looks like the blade+ or blade2 whatever its called (the one that isn't the libra). the 8z looks like the windows phone they just released.

i think we need to forget zte and move onto huawei. zte has done nothing to deserve our brand loyalty. the blade was good, after that it all went downhill.

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i would like to know the price of this http://mb.softbank.j...uct/102sh/spec/

dual core cpu with a screen resolution of 1280 x720...

found more on it here looks rather cool http://phandroid.com...core-processor/

specs: http://www.techzek.com/sharp-aquos-102sh-android-phone-plans-released/

i want to buy this phone lol biggrin.gif

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