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Waiting for device

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yeah it is sorry.if you got my guide somehow it should work.one way or another.try getting on a win 7 32bit pc and you will get it done.

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yup did that too.

Hi Mub6 when i done mine a driver found box appeared but was hidden behind all the windows i had open it did not come to the front so for ages there was a box asking me to install drivers but i could not see it, not sure if this is what is happening with you but i just stumbled on it when i minimized all my windows so try having all your windows minimized when doing this so you can see if one appears.

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Alright guys,

i finally got it sorted.

here are the exact steps i carried out to make it work with my windows 7 x64 laptop:

1) uninstall handset driver from control panel

2) download usbdeview and uninstall all the drivers pertaining to the phone (i found about 12! sort by date to find them all together at the end of the list)


3) extract drivers from anroid sdk: http://android.modac...ost__p__1785304

4) turn on usb debug mode from settings>applications>development

5) plug in usb cable

6) cancel prompt to install drivers, eject the cd drive from my computer wherin the driver install package exists.

7) install drivers: (credit to tillaz)

a) now press start & right click on my computer or computer witch ever yours says then click manage.

b)then select device manager.

c) now under other devices there should be two devices by the name of "android phone" or something along those lines, double click the top one then the driver tab & open update driver.

d) select browse my computer for driver software.

e) use the browse for driver software to direct it to the usb_driver folder from the android sdk.

f) then underneath click let me pick from a list of driver devices on my computer.

g) the box will be empty so press have disc.

h) now select the drive you have the android sdk installed on for me it woz C:\

i) now direct it threw the android sdk to the usb_driver folder.

j) open the usb_driver folder & select the android_winusb.inf press ok then next.

k) choose to install Android ADB interface (i might be wrong, cant remember exactly, could be the other one too) from the three options

l) windows will give some warning saying if you want to proceed just ignore it & press yes and install.

m) now go back to device manager and choose the second android phone, install the driver Android boot interface

your drivers should now be ready to go


8) install superboot etc and root phone: http://android.modac...ost__p__1830213

note: the phone rebooted fine but the drivers seemed to have disappeared upon bootup when the green android man was on the screen. if that is the case, just reinstall Android boot interface to the device under device manager that has an exclamation mark (there was only 1). do this while the cmd window is <waiting for device>

and that should be it!

hope this helps other stragglers.



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