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Gul Dukat

Official UK ZTE Blade ROM Update

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On the ZTE Website there is a "Blade Terminal software online upgrade tool" available for UK Blades here:


This tool is a Online Updater, therefore it not contains the firmware image.

The correct image will be downloaded if the tool recognize a compatible phone attached with USB in FTM mode and then flashed.

It seems to be only for UK Orange San Francisco Blades with Build numbers OUK_P729xxxxx.

I have a stock GEN1 swiss Orange San Francisco Blade with original ROM and therefore a OCH build number.

Before i starting trying to fake the build number to a OUK one (can probably be done by editing the build.prop) i want to ask if it is worth it.

Anyone with a stock UK ROM tried this update?

It maybe update a stock android 2.1 phone to 2.2 or even 2.3?

Or it is only a minor update for 2.1, in this case it would not worth it...

Thank you for share experiences with this update.


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But the question begs,is it froyo or gingerbread ?

Anyone downloaded yet ?

If it was a gingerbread update,which I am doubting,most of us would first have to return to stock partitions and reflash stock recovery I assume ?

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thats what I get with generic 2.2.2 gen2

and thank you to the OP for posting this, this also offers updates for v9 racer etc

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all known blade and libra roms on the online upgrade tool:

  • FRY_SFIN_P729BV1.0.0B05.zip
  • 4G4G_GENERIC_P729V1.0.0B25.zip
  • SFR_P733NV1.0.0B07.zip
  • TFIN_P729BV1.0.0B08.zip
  • FRY_SFIN_P729BV1.0.0B05.zip
  • BFR_P729CV1.0.0B10.zip
  • FRY_EFIN_P729BV1.0.0B04.zip
  • EEST_P729BV1.0.0B06.zip
  • OPT_P729BV1.0.0B08.zip
  • FRY_P733NV1.0.0B04.zip
  • OPL_P729BV1.0.0B07.zip
  • FRY_EFIN_P729BV1.0.0B04.zip
  • SFR_P733NV1.0.0B09.zip
  • P729CUV1.0.0B17.zip
  • Ppdf_P729VV1.0.0B05.zip
  • FRY_P733NV1.0.0B04.zip
  • FRY_PLAY_P729VV1.0.0B03.zip
  • SFR_P733NV1.0.0B09.zip
  • FRY_EFIN_P729BV1.0.0B04.zip
  • P729CUV1.0.0B18.zip
  • MOBILE_P729VV1.0.0B05.zip
  • FRY_SFIN_P729BV1.0.0B05.zip
  • YESSS_P729VV1.0.0B03.zip
  • OFR_P729BV1.0.0B20.zip
  • CSE_P729VV1.0.0B05.zip
  • TIM_P729VV1.0.0B04.zip
  • OUK_P729BV1.0.0B20.zip
  • 4G4G_GENERIC_P729V1.0.0B22.zip
  • OPT_P729BV2.0.0B06.zip

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