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Help, I dont know how i screwed this but i have a dud

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I was happily running GR4 with the extreme option pack albeit with a few bugs but nothing that caused me major issues.

I saw today that there was a new CM7 version and when Paul said he was going to try it out i thought it cant be a bad idea, so i might as well give it a go especially since the A2DP issue has been resolved (which is why i gave up with it a while ago).

So i downloaded the 2 files booted into recovery mode, wiped it, data/factory and cache partition and then choose the zip file from SD card. I install the core and then the option pack and then reboot the device. Unfortunately the phone is now stuck in a reboot loop and doesnt go anywhere other that displaying the LG logo screen at boot.

I've downloaed the 725 baseband and tried to install the GR4 stuff again, yet i am still not getting any further than the LG boot screen.

Any ideas what I've done to screw it up and how do i get it back and working.

I know i should have taken a backup but because i am just playing there isnt anything i thought i needed so didnt run a backup.



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It was because I hant gone back to EXT3

Now that I've done that it all works OK.

What a dick i ahve been today, maybe i shouldnt fiddle with my phone while in the office.

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That's a strange one, CM7 is an EXT4 ROM, so there should have been no need to go back.

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