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Where do I start?!

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Hi everyone! I'm new and currently have a nokia x6 but since the announcement about the skates release i've been trying to learn more about android phones. I'm hoping to get an OMC soon but i really dont know where to start with it. I want to mod it so it runs as best as possible with little or no issues and will unlock it when a solution is found but until then what else can I do? From what I understand rooting the phone opens it up to modding and installing extra software, different roms etc so this i think would be something i'd love to do but can someone otherwise help me out?

I've always had nokias so when I move to android this will be something new to me so as much advice as possible would be much appreciated. I work in IT so hopefully that'll help me compared to the average user lol.

Thanks in advance.


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have aread at this .this will help you get started when you get your phone.if its from orange then their is no unlock available yet.3months waiting to get unlock code from them.but you can customise it to what you want and be ready for the unlockcode.or you could by a skate unlocked.

superboot and clockwork and rom installing

if you use win xp and win7 then you should be fine .

if you use windows vista you might get problems.

if you use a mac i have no idea please ask a dev for help.

this guide will help get you started .

1.before you do anything connect usb cable to mobile

2.then connect to pc

3.let it install drivers first

4.usb drivers can be got on the forum

5.the contents of the mobile should show up

6.in windows it should be assigned a drive letter

7.right click on the drive letter and eject the drive

8.now move on to the rooting part

Rooting the Orange Monte Carlo

1. first download the zip superboot

2. unzip it with 7zip

3. their will be 3 files you want to use .

4. first file -------------------adb-windows-------double click file.

5. second file----------------fastboot-windows--double click file.

6. third file-------install-superboot-windows---double click file.

7. mobile might reboot thats okay

8.move on to installing clockwork recovery

installing clockwork recovery for skate / monte carlo

their will be 3 files you want to use .double click file.

1. first file--------------- adb-windows-------------double click file.

2. second file----------- fastboot-windows---------double click file.

3. third file---------------install-recovery-windows--double click file.

4. it should show a black screen with text showing clockwork is installing

5. the mobile should reboot to clockwork

6. its a blue screen that should appear with the name clockwork

7. use the volume up and down keys to move about clockwork

8. the home key installs and back key for returning to main screen in clockwork

9. reboot your mobile back to pc and pick a rom to install

how to install a rom

1.first download the zipped rom that you want to pc

2.then copy to sdcard

3. you can now reboot to clockwork

4. keys for clockwork if you need to use them

press volume down and hold it with the power button hold them both

until clockwork appears

clockwork recovery

before installing any rom

backup first in backup and restore

always remember the wipe rule for installing any rom

1.wipe factory/data

2.wipe cache

3.go to advanced and wipe dalvick

only do 4th if you get stuck at android screen

4. mounts and storage format/sysytem

5. if you get stuck at android screen take battery out and then put it back in.

6. you should be okay to main screen of mobile enjoy

7.if you get ftm mode showing do the following leave the usb cable conneted to pc

8.run the superboot details above

9.then do the clockwork details above

10.it should vibrate and go to clockwork.

11.take battery out if stuck at android screen

12.put it back in and let it reboot

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thanks for the info but i'm a bit confused. I'm viewing the forum on my phone at the moment so cant copy paste areas i'm stuck on but with your instructions, are all bits carried out on my pc or does anything need to be set on the phone itself? Also, when starting with all the different bits, what state should the phone be in?

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no nothing on phone all done through usb cable at first ,just highlight with mouse on text and paste in notepad,easy.im allways on forum every night so can help all new people to get up and running.

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cool. Nice one mate. When i'm next on my pc then i'll go through the steps u mentioned and ask u any questions. Hopefully i may get my phone next week if i got some spare money

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