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LG GT540 Android Logo Stuck

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Hi all. I have GT540 and before installing 2.1 Fastboot ROM I have SwiftDroid 2.0 RC5.I have installed 2.1 Fastboot ROM with KDZ Updater. After installation I got stuck on Android logo. When I opened the phone it shows LG logo and animated LG logo after shows animated LG logo it shows me Android logo and it plays the Android logo animation for 15 sec. and after plays the animation show blank screen for 1 sec and shows again Android logo.I have installed Fastboot ROM but I can't acces the FASTBOOT MODE screen because I can't open the phone fully. How can I solve problem? I don't wanna open the phone fully I only want FASTBOOT MODE screen because I wanna go back to SwiftDroid. Please help me.

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I have fixed this issue with clockwork recovery rom. Search google clockwork recovery rom and you see a topic in the search results from xda and enter that topic scroll down and you can see the clockwork recovery roms link download it flash with kdz uptader

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