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Where on earth can I get a geuine super amoled screen + digitizer for my GS2 IS9100?!?!

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The other week I was a stupid. My phone fell out of my pocket when I stopped on a lane to check my car (exhaust was scraping). I stupidly didnt pick it up and when I realised it was gone (an hour later) I went back and it had been run over. So the screen was completely ruined.

I ordered a new screen + digitizer and it came today. I was pretty happy as I thought id have my phone back. Upon powering up the repaired phone I find that its NOT a super amoled screen, not even an amoled screen, not even a decent LCD screen. Its an awful like 2 bit screen. Absolutely terrible. Im really disappointed.

So my question is, does anyone know where I can get a proper super amoled screen + digitizer in the UK, or a reliable overseas seller.

Any replies would be GREATLY appreciated.



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you might wanna check your local samsung service center, i'm pretty sure they have at least 1 in UK.

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