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Really hoping you do a non circle battery version of the ICS them with fixed tabs..

+1 :)

hmm, it dont work properly (the ICS one) when I text the suggested words come up in orange and when i press icons they also have orange outlines

Sorry everyone, I am working on these, I'm just really busy at the moment. Currently working 7 days a week to get more money so please bare with me if updates are appearing slowly!


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is there any chance you could port this theme. its the best theme I've used. Works with CM theme chooser. http://forum.cyanoge...-in-the-market/


+1, thats a rather pretty theme

Sorry guys, let me re-iterate that I DO NOT do ports from other devs. I have said this many times before.

Still have to fix the ICS update, I'm still working 7 days a week at the moment but it is on my list guys.

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Hi ManicGibbon,

Your information on editing Systemui and other files in post 10 is awesome. Really helpfull for a theming noob like me. Thanks!

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