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Can't get custom recovery to Vodafone Smart

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Hello guys. I am new to this forum but not a total newbie when it comes to IT. I am asking for advice from you because i have problems trying to install a custom Rom to my U8160. The steps so far:

1. Installed drivers with Pda net

2. Rooted the phone with superoneclick(installed the busybox too during the rooting process)

3. Checked advanced root and busybox install with Root Checker, everything Ok

Now, here i think i've done a mistake the first time, i installed clockworkmod recovery and flashed the recovery for U8150 Ideos. After that the phone did not boot into recovery(i know the keys). Realising that, i have installed the original Uk firmware that returned my phone to original state. Continued with the rooting process again everything was ok. After this i installed the recovery manager 037b.zip taken from this forum(the link). It installed ok and when i tried to flash the LuckyRom it said that i need a custom recovery before i can do that.

Ok.I copied to sdcard two custom recoveries(.img file),one at a time, one was RA and another one can't remember exactly.When i tried to install thecustom recovery The recovery manager 037b shows me a screen which says instaling recovery.img but it locks at that screen and never finishes. I let the app. at that screen for very long, it just does not finish the install.

This way i never got to even start to install a custom rom. I hope someone can help me, i really dont like this Vodafone rom, very sluggish.

Thank you.

Nevermind guys! I have rediscovered the command line and discovered Fastboot:))

Everything ok now.

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