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Loose 'Menu' button

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I recently purchased an OMC online from the Orange store. I bought the phone as a replacement

to my OSF mainly because of the bigger screen on the OMC and the recent price reduction.

The first phone that I received wouldn't register on the Orange network. After spending over an

hour on the phone with Orange support, they finally agreed to send me a replacement phone. The

replacement arrived the next day and had no problem getting a signal and registering on the

network. However, the middle (Menu) button on the phone is noticeably looser and more wobbly

than either the Home or Back buttons. The button also sits very slightly lower than the

other buttons. That being said, the Menu button does work fine and you need about the

same amount of pressure to activate it as the Home and Back buttons.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same on their handset? I could contact

Orange for another replacement unit, but the one I have seems to work well. The only issue is

whether the menu button is more prone to failure in the future because of this problem.

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