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Is Your Android Market App Loading Slowly?

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The intrepid folks over at XDA are always tinkering away to try and make using your Android device a better experience. And a few weeks ago, one of them (namely, temasek) found that the Android Market has some issues trying to resolve DNS servers when your device is connected over Wi-Fi. This can cause the Market to load slowly, and it's definitely something I've experienced on my own phone.

The solution? A popular app called Set DNS (note: root is required), which forces your phone or tablet to use a particular name server when connecting to the web, may speed up load times over Wi-Fi. Upon using it myself, after a reboot, I noticed the Market did seem to load substantially faster than I've grown accustomed to. Here's the link to the free version:

taken from :http://www.androidpolice.com/2011/11/01/tip-is-your-android-market-app-loading-slowly-especially-on-wi-fi-give-this-fix-a-try/

I am going to try it out tomorrow and tell you if there is a diffidence.

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WOW ! it works. I set mine toi use google dns and the market opens in no time ! . I used the free ver.

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