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HTC Flyer Honeycomb leak gets an update

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It's been a while since the original HTC Flyer Honeycomb update Beta leaked... but today a new version has 'magically appeared'.

Now packing Android 3.2.1 rather than Android 3.2, the latest version wears the 3.41 version number (up from 3.10 previously) and while no new features are immediately obvious over the previous release, it does feel much smoother in operation.

Sadly, like the original leak, the install process is somewhat involved, but I'm documenting it now and will post full details for both Gingerbread users and users of the existing Honeycomb update shortly in the HTC Flyer forum. Stay tuned! :)


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Thank very much for continued support for this underestimated device. Please consider committing a few moments to debug the HTC Sense Mail Widget if still breaking during normal mail syncing.

Go team Ferrari!

Cheers / Leonardo

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