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How to ROOT LG-P990 w/ stock 2.3.4?

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NVFlash CWM then use that to install the su bits.

since i am newbie can you tell me how to do that please?

will that erase my phone + data or not?



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Just went back to the stock V20m ROM. Now rooting seems not to be working.

I tried Super One Click 2.3.1 but that gets stuck (step #7 - Waiting for device) . Is there any tool I can use without modifying the recovery (CWM solution as seen above)?

Would love to freeze some apps. ;)

Ah I see there is a update coming:

Posted on December 8, 2011 SuperOneClick v2.3.2 will now add a bit more tweaking for LG devices that couldn’t be rooted. Expect a release in a few days.

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