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Problem with 'smartass' governor

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Hello, I am new to android and smart phones so I may be completely wrong. But anyway here are my observations.

I believe that the 'smartass' governor is not working properly.

I am using bluemonte 1.8C and operating in the range 122-998 MHz

I have turned the phone off recharged to 100% and turn back on to set governor to 'smartass'.

After 24H of light usage: - 8 hours (night) with all smart features off. Then turn on 3G sync and GPS. Wifi on for 3-4 hours, a few phone calls a few emails a few apps updated from market via wifi. I get about 30% battery left so won't complain about that.

My problem is that when I look a the time spent at each frequency, I have 60% at 787 MHz, 15% at 998 MHz, 13% at 122MHz. According to descriptions I read about what 'smartass is supposed to do, I was expecting more than 80% at 122MHz.

If I do the same thing using 'ondemand' I get 80% at 122 MHz and 8% at 998 Mhz.

Can anyone confirm if they observe the same behaviour or if my assumptions are wrong?


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