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Bricked my ZTE V9 ?

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I tried to install CM 7 on my V9 with original 2.1. First I installed Clockwork Recovery and saved my image.

After that I read that the first step should have been to upgrade from Gen1 to Gen2 -> did that with TPT Gen1 to Gen2

Somethin must have failed here because the V9 didn´t boot anymore. There was only the text "build:" on the screen, 2/3 of the screen were black, the other part showed lines of different coloures.

Now the V9 seems to be really "dead": only black screen....

I took off the battery, pressed power on and teh volume-keys and plugged teh usb-cable into a pc -> nothing.

No FTM-mode or anything else. Just a black screen.

When I try to charge the battery the red light on the bottom blinks and it sounds like the V9 tries to make a restart on an on.

Any hints ??

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