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Kindle Fire to get UK release date?

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File this under the 'whispers from the underground' but we're hearing from a very reliable source that Amazon are planning a UK release for the Kindle Fire!

Our mole indicated that the original target for the UK release was January 2012 and although this date was dependent on the stateside shipments and subject to change, it is still on the cards and we should 'definitely' see it in Q1

This is particularly intriguing as although obviously books are a very big part of the Kindle experience, App Store and streaming video content are also very important to the fire, both services that are yet to launch here in the UK.

I'll update you all with more information as we get it, but if this does happen, it's very good news i'd say! :)


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Well, Fire is out in US and seems like it can be easily rooted, so hooray for that. I wonder if it's possible for us to get one from US now somehow? It would probably be a great device for general tablet-oriented tasks?

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